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Please review the dental practices we currently have listed for sale in Southern California. Fill-out the contact form and list the ones you are interested in knowing more about. Or, give us a call and Dr. Kempler will contact you promptly.

PLEASE NOTE: Listings change frequently. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’ll be happy to help you find the perfect practice. That’s what we do.

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Private General Practice

  • Dr retiring
  • 4  operatories in 1470 sq ft in large, busy strip shopping center
  • gross collections over $960,000/year on 4 days/week
  • very high net over $425,000/year
  • “Softdent” software and digital x-rays with 3 sensors


Private Practice

  • Dr retiring after 45 years
  • 6  operatories in 2166 sq ft in single story free-standing building owned by Seller
  • rent $6500/month gross lease
  • gross collections over $ 1,250,000/year on 4 days/week
  • 7 days of hygiene
  • “Dentrix” software
  • almost all specialties referred out

Newport Beach

Beautiful Private General Practice for sale

  • grosses over $850,000 on 4 days/week
  • 4 operatories with Dexus digital xrays, computers and TVs
  • outfitted with 7 Hepafilters and 2 hyper hepafilters
  • private insurance and PPO only
  • Dentrix computer system
  • 6 days of hygiene/week
  • prestigious area

Desert Hot Springs

Private General Practice for sale

  • a hidden gem -grosses over $575,000 on 3 1/2 days/week
  • 3 operatories with digital xray and Panorex,
  • 3 days hygiene
  • private insurance, cash. and PPO
  • Eaglesoft computer system – computer in each operatory
  • very high net income – very little competition


Private General Practice for sale

  • grosses over $575,000 on 4 days/week
  • 4 operatories – 2 employees plus 1 Hygienist
  • 3D cone beam/Pano/Ceph and 2 Global microscopes
  • 3 digital xray units with 3 Schick sensors
  • Eaglesoft computer system
  • Rent only $3200/month

Laguna Beach

General Practice

  • very modern clean office with bells and whistles
  • 3 operatories grosses over $800,000 with high net
  • open 4 days/week
  • Dentrix computer system with Dexis digital x-ray system
  • approx. 40 new patients/month
  • approx. 50% DentiCal insurance


General Practice

  • small very clean office
  • 2 operatories with 3 additional ortho chairs in open bay
  • Pano/Ceph
  • grosses over $220,000 with high net of $150,000
  • open 2 1/2 days/week
  • “Softdent” computer system with digital x-ray system

“When I sold my first practice I learned the pitfalls of dealing with a Broker that is NOT also a dentist. That experience was a costly one.” 

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