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Before speaking to Dr. Kempler, please download and sign the Confidentiality Agreement, then fax or email your signed copy to Dr. Kempler.

You Need A Dental Broker

What’s important when choosing a practice sales broker? 

That’s easy. Look for experience and dental office know-how.  Thomas & Fees Practice Sales has both. For over 25 years Thomas  & Fees Practice Sales has been helping dentists buy and sell dental practices. Its’ parent company, Thomas & Fees Accountancy, Corp. is one of the oldest CPA firms in California that works primarily with dentists. You can’t stay in business serving dentists for more than 4 decades unless you have high integrity, proven knowledge and unique dental know-how.  

From the first call to the last, you speak only with the Broker, Dr. Philip Kempler.   

You won’t have to start over and explain what’s going on each time you call Thomas & Fees Practice Sales.  Because, you won’t be passed around to whichever Broker is on duty that day. Every time you have a request, whether you have a change in financial situation, need an appraisal, seeking a different location, want to purchase a dental practice, or want to sell your dental practice, Dr. Kempler will be on call. And you can contact Dr. Kempler directly at your convenience in non-office hours. Also, unlike others, our relationship continues after the purchase, sale, or appraisal.  

What constitutes a good deal?

At Thomas & Fees Practice Sales, a good deal is one that satisfies both the Seller and Buyer. Simply put, if you want peace of mind knowing your financial visions will be put in experienced, competent and caring hands, call us today.

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