About Us

A proven track record.

Dr Kempler

Our broker is a retired dentist. Most practice sales firms hire salesmen to sell practices. And, while they may be competent in the technical end of practice sales, they know nothing about dentistry. Because our broker is a successfully retired dentist, he has unique insights into the practice purchase and sale experience.

Dr. Philip L. Kempler – Graduated from Cornell University in 1974 and the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine in 1978. He did his residency at the V.A. Hospital at Wadsworth in Los Angeles and retired after owning a highly successful dental practice for 15 years. Driven by the desire to help his peers in the purchase and sale of their practices, he became a broker in 1993.

Reputation – We have a proven track record for honest, fair and reliable business practices.

Our Parent Company is Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corporation

Experience – We have over 25 years of experience and our parent company, Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp., has been working primarily with dentists for over four decades. With over 600 dental clients, sellers can rest assured their practice will be exposed to a ready list of qualified buyers. And if you’re a buyer,  the oldest CPA firm in California working primarily with dentists, is sure to have a continuing supply of exceptional practices for sale.

We Understand Dentists – Decades of dental contact means you won’t be advised by a professional that has to guess or experiment.   Deciding when it’s the right time to sell, both emotionally and financially, and making that important career decision to purchase a practice, shouldn’t be decided by beginners or part-time sales associates.

We Have a Long-term Relationship – Because Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp. has an on-going and multifaceted relationship with their clients, you know their decisions aren’t driven by commission.

Reputation – You can’t stay in business serving dentists for 40 plus years without high integrity, proven knowledge and unique dental know-how. Proudly, Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp. has a reputation that is envied in the Industry. Their motto says it all. “We want to be partners in your financial success.”