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Buy or Sell with Experience

Over 25 years’ experience buying and selling Dental Practices.

Whether you want to buy or sell your practice, you have come to the right place.   

Our Broker, Philip L. Kempler, D.M.D. is a retired dentist.  Because he owned a very successful practice for over 15 years, Dr. Kempler has a unique understanding of the ins and outs of practice purchase and sale. “During my dental career I bought and sold several practices. I know first-hand the concerns a dentist has and what he or she needs when listing their practice. And, I know what a buyer worries about and wants in a sale.”

Simply put, Dr. Kempler is the best Dental Practice Broker in Southern California.

Dental Offices For Sale

Review the dental practices we currently have listed for sale in Southern California.

Critical Steps in Buying a Dental Practice

Learn what you need to know about buying a dental practice.

How to buy or sell a dental practice.

Listen to Dr. Kempler explains the key points every dentist should know.

Which Dental Practice Do I Buy?

Clarify the crucial decisions you need to make before purchasing a dental practice.

Misconceptions About Selling a Dental Practice

Forget what you’re heard. Learn the realities about selling your dental practice.

“A Better Kind of Practice Sales Company”

We do more than just assist dentists with the purchase or sale of a practice.

We are a full service sales company. In addition to purchase and sales, we offer the following services:

  • Negotiate Transactions
  • Practice Appraisals
  • Associate Agreements
  • Contracts
  • Consultations

Most practice sales firms hire salesman to sell practices. And, while they may be competent in the technical end of practice sales, they know nothing about dentistry. Because our Broker is a successfully retired dentist, he has unique insights into the practice purchase and sales experience.

In addition, our parent company is Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp. Having an “in-house CPA” with over 40 years’ experience working primarily with dentists, makes expert tax planning and tax advice easy to access at a moment’s notice. “We know how to structure the sale to minimize taxes for both parties. And, we can assist in tax-free 1031 exchanges.”

Use an Expert Who Knows Dentistry Entirely

It’s critically important to buy a practice that not only fits your needs, but fits your skills, expertise and temperament as well. A typical, non-dentist sales Broker, doesn’t know the difference between dental practices.  Dr. Kempler does. His goal is to help you create your dental dream environment. When you buy the right practice you not only enjoy dentistry more but, you set yourself on the path to a successful dental career.

For further information see Dr. Kempler’s Update on Practice Sales.

Here’s What Clients Say About Us!

“I had a unique cosmetic-general practice which was difficult to sell. Dr Kempler worked extremely hard and when sold I got a great price and now I am happily retired. I really appreciate all his effort and diligence that he put forward into not only the sale, but afterwards all the detail and follow up to ensure a good transition.”

Dr Norman Huefner 
Laguna Niguel, CA  

“Working with Phil was a pleasure. He was straight forward and honest. It was nice to know that I was dealing with Phil and not some sales person. Everything went smoothly.”

Tom Coad, D.D.S.

“Phil did everything he promised and more. He got me a good price on my practice and there were no surprises. As a dentist, Phil knew both the emotional and technical sides of the dental practice. We got along great!”

William King, D.D.S.
Former Treasurer of the Orange County Dental Society

“Dr. Kempler helped me sell my practice in 2019. I had owned my practice for 35 year with a staff and many patients that had been with me for years and had become valued friends. Having practiced dentistry himself, he understood my concerns and my wish for a smooth and successful sale. Dr. Kempler has sold many practices and he is well-versed in every step of the process. He took care of everything and my transition from practice owner to retiree was very

Dr. Russ Walls

“I met Dr. Kempler several years ago. He is a man of integrity. He has always been honest and knowledgeable about all the practices he sells. He was able to sell my old practice and simultaneously help me buy my forever practice. Despite all of the roadblocks we encountered, it was well worth it and I am elated with my forever practice. What makes him different than other ‘dental brokers’ is not only his experience, but he is upfront and honest in what he is selling.”

—Timothy Rhee, DDS.

The Business Side of Dentistry

“The best book I ever read on dental prosperity”

—Los Angeles Dentist L. Chen, D.D.S.

Get to know the business side of dentistry. Whether you are just out of dental school, looking for a dental practice for sale, or selling your dental business and heading into retirement, this book will help you understand:

  • What to expect in your first job
  • When buying a dental practice is right for you
  • What determines the value of a dental practice
  • Due diligence for honest risk and rewards
  • Overhead control to maximize your profits
  • Asset allocation for best tax consequences
  • How to choose the best dental practice broker

This book also provides easy-to-use Overhead Analysis Templates for solo dentists, practices with associate dentists, orthodontics practices, and oral surgery practices, as well as retirement income and expense planners.

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The Business Side of Dentistry – PART 2

Still MORE answers about the business side of dentistry?

Includes information on …

  • Tax planning and projections early in the year
  • Commonly missed and proven tax strategies
  • Accurate and timely tax preparation and filing
  • Why you shouldn’t file an income tax extension
  • Retirement and Pension plans designed to:
    • Meet your unique situation
    • Reduce taxes now and later
    • Help you accumulate wealth
    • Annual dollar limits to pension plans
  • Plan administration includes the annual:
    • Reports to employees
    • Timely trust accounting
    • Government reports
  • What your pension service SHOULD do for you.
  • What your pension service SHOULD NOT do for you
  • Retirement Plan Summary—compare costs and benefits
  • Overhead Analysis Templates—How do you compare?

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About Our Parent Company
Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp.

Thomas and Fees Accountancy Corp.  is one of the oldest CPA firms in California working primarily with dentists. After more than four decades and so much dental contact, you won’t have to worry that your advisor is having to guess or experiment. And you won’t wonder if selling is the right thing to do—both emotionally and financially. Thomas & Fees won’t  hesitate to tell you if what you need isn’t a sale, but an associate.

“We have a long term-relationship with our clients. Because our relationship is on-going and multifaceted, we’re NOT driven by commissions.” At Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp. we do what’s right for the client. Because, we mean it when we say, “We want to be partners in your financial success.”