Dental Practice Broker in Southern California

Buy or Sell with Experience

Dental Broker in OC Whether you want to buy or sell your practice, you have come to the right place.   Thomas & Fees Practice Sales has over 25 years' experience - doing both.

Our Broker, Philip L. Kempler, D.M.D. is a retired dentist.  Because he owned a very successful practice for over 15 years, Dr. Kempler has a unique understanding of the ins and outs of practice purchase and sale.  "During my dental career I bought and sold several practices.  I know first-hand the concerns a dentist has and what he or she needs when listing their practice.  And, I know what a buyer worries about and wants in a sale."

Simply put, Dr. Kempler is the best Dental Practice Broker in Southern California. (FREE Download - Interview with Dr. Kempler - See Left)

"A Better Kind of Practice Sales Company"

Most practice sales firms hire salesman to sell practices.  And, while they may be competent in the technical end of practice sales, they know nothing about dentistry. Because our Broker is a successfully retired dentist, he has unique insights into the practice purchase and sales experience.

In addition, our parent company is Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp.  Having an "in-house CPA" with over 40 years' experience working primarily with dentists, makes expert tax planning and tax advice easy to access at a moment's notice. "We know how to structure the sale to minimize taxes for both parties.  And, we can assist in tax-free 1031 exchanges."

 Use an Expert Who Knows Dentistry Entirely

It's critically important to buy a practice that not only fits your needs, but fits your skills, expertise and temperament as well.  A typical, non-dentist sales Broker, doesn't know the difference between dental practices.  Dr. Kempler does.   His goal is to help you create your dental dream environment.   When you buy the right practice you not only enjoy dentistry more but, you set yourself on the path to a successful dental career.

For further information Download Dr. Kempler's Update on Practice Sales.

About Our Parent Company
Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp.

Thomas and Fees Accountancy Corp.  is one of the oldest CPA firms in California working primarily with dentists.  After more than four decades and so much dental contact, you won't have to worry that your advisor is having to guess or experiment.   And you won't wonder if selling is the right thing to do - both emotionally and financially. Thomas & Fees won't  hesitate to tell you if what you need isn't a sale, but an associate.

"We have a long term-relationship with our clients. Because our relationship is on-going and multifaceted, we're NOT driven by commissions." At Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp. we do what's right for the client. Because, we mean it when we say,"We want to be partners in your financial success."

How Does Your Overhead Compare?

Are you unsure what the optimum percentages should be for each item in your overhead? Don't be.

Download your FREE PDF Overhead Analysis of a Dental Practice (OA). Click on the one best for your practice.

Need an explanation of the OA? Click here for definition and help to explain the OA.

Compiled by Thomas & Fees Accountancy Corp.,  the OA is based on practice data collected over four decades of experience working primarily with dentists.

Please Note:  Expense percentages differ according to the type of practice being analyzed. Be sure to specify the type of dental practice you own. (Single practitioner, owner w/one associate, orthodontic practice, endo, etc.)

Are you thinking of retiring? Download these templates before you make a decision

Get the answers to your questions before you buy or sell your practice.

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